Ontario's Finest Grass Fed Angus Beef

  • Not fattened with Corn or Grain

Carden Angus Beef cattle are not fattened on corn or grain in a feedlot.  They are turned out in May and left to do what they do naturally, grazing.

  • Stress Free Healthy Cattle

We use low stress methods when handling which makes for calmer, healthier cattle that gain more.  This is good for both the cattle and us and produces beef that is relaxed and, as a result, very tender beef.

  • Naturally Raised Without Growth Hormones

  • No Herbicides or Pesticides in their food sources.

  • Naturally Delicious and Tender

  • Produced Sustainably

Carden Angus Beef respects the grassland, wildlife and aquatic habitats.

  • The 100 Mile Diet

Carden Beef engage in the 100 Mile Diet and reduce the demands made on our shared environment.

  • Certified Grass-Fed Angus Beef

Carden Angus Beef Cattle are certified Angus Beef.  We are also a member of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture.

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